Guild Wars 2 WvW Guild

Get Rekt is dedicated World vs World guild. We do everything from scouting and roaming to organized guild raids. More »

Roaming and Specialized Play

Get Rekt we have some very skilled players that have been around the block in many guilds from T1 all the way down. We are always willing to train and help people and right now we specialize in roaming and outplaying our opponents even when they outnumber us! More »


Get Rekt [NERD] is a dedicated GW2 World Vs World Guild

Get Rekt [NERD] is a WvW dedicated guild based in Fissure Of Woe. We employ an all star cast of commanders who will lead you to glory along with a great collection of players who will not only lay down their lives to revive you, but will do so with a smile. We start off each raid with a tray of cookies and strawberry milk to get our killer mentality in focus. When we’re not killing BT and UW nerds, we’re running with swiftness all the way to the next objective singing songs along the way. We like to ram gates as a guild and will get all close and tight so I hope you don’t like personal space. In closing we like to have fun, but take WvW seriously cause we don’t like losing.

Our Guild Leader Gamadorn

Gam was born with a keyboard in one hand and a mouse in the other. He came out the womb asking for swiftness and might stacks. When he’s not leading raids he’s normally tending to his garden. His favorite past time includes watching Jersey Shore and lifting weights while yelling ‘GTL”! When he was old enough to walk he ran across the world. After he was done ANET sent him his gift of exploration. Not only is he dedicated to restoring Fissure Of Woe to glory, he will put it on his back and will never ever ask for a revive.

Positioning and survival

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